💰Profit Taking

Taking profit and having a well defined plan is essential when investing or trading. I think more than a few of us rode ADA up to $3 and all of the way down. This is why having an exit strategy is important, it can help reduce the risk of volatile markets and prevent emotional trading. Investing is not only about making money but also about protecting the money you've made. Our 2 primary goals are to return your invested value back and grow the Angel Treasury as much as possible, through 2024. Here's how we plan to do it. 1. 80% of all profits made from Holding, Lending, Trading, Investing and Yield Farming will be paid out to Staked $Angels holders, every month. The remaining 20% will go back to the treasury to be invested. Once the initial $Angels sales value has been returned to holders, the distributions will change from 80/20 to 50/50. 2. Once the Angel Treasury has grown to 4X the original USD value of the $Angels token sale, we'll take 25% of it and pay it out to all existing staked $Angels tokens at that time. This will be our first significant moment of taking profits. Between ADA and CNTs both gaining significant value in the bull run and portions of the treasury set aside for each, we don't expect that to take very long. 3. For every 10X above our original USD sale value, we'll take 10% of it, transfer it into ADA and distribute it to staked $Angels tokens. 4. Based on multiple previous bull runs, we expect the market to peak within 12 to 14 months. Our goal is to time this as close as we can. Doing so can be hard but there are specific telltale signs to look for. We know we wont get the exact top but our goal is to get close enough to it. We'll then pay out 50% of the treasury and transfer the other 50% into stable coins. At this point in our plan, we'll begin preparing for the next major run in 2028. Our goal will be to load up on Cardano tokens and ADA near the bottom of the bear market, with the significant amount of liquidity we will have built up in 2024. The writing on the wall. Bitcoin is about to get incredibly scarce. July 9, 2016 saw rewards drop from 25 bitcoins per block to 12.5 bitcoins per block, May 11, 2020, saw rewards drop to 6.25 bitcoins per block, April 2024, will see rewards drop to 3.12 bitcoins per block and then 2028 will see rewards drop to 1.56 bitcoins per block. With the hash rate ever increasing and the bitcoins per block dropping so significantly, each bitcoin is going to cost exponentially more to mine. This is why we plan to prepare for each of the following bull runs.

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