🀝The Team

I joined Cardano in early 2021 after seeing a whiteboard video from Charles. I know it’s the most cliche thing in the world but it’s true. The idea of real financial freedom and decentralization struck a chord with me and I dove right in to the ecosystem. Since then I’ve been everything from a regular community member, moderator, project lead for Lurkers, game master, serial collaborator and full time community advocate. It may sound corny to some of you but it’s my belief that the connections we make in the space with people from all over the world will always hold more value than any financial gains made on Cardano.

I joined Barachiel and the rest of the team on this journey with Angel Finance because I’ve seen tokens come and go, pump and dump, and an entire community screaming for utility beyond the β€œnumber go up” trope. The system we are building will provide that utility and true value without all the fluff, pomp and negative stigma behind so many tokens in the ecosystem. This is the definition of a HODL project and I look forward to realizing gains with all of you.

My job here will be community interaction, collaborations, ideation, implementation, and the more mundane side of answering tickets, banning the scammers and ensuring that our community has a safe and prosperous place to call home. Thanks to all of you who followed me here and welcome to all of you I hope to call friend in the future!

Fast forward to late 2020, another friend and I were discussing investing and crypto and he told me about Cardano. I then watched the Whiteboard video and I was hooked. I spent 2021 learning about everything blockchain related that I could find, from different blockchains and consensus models to tokenomics and security practices. Although I was learning about and investing in different blockchains, Cardano always stood out. In late 2021/early 2022, I realized that, contrary to popular belief, CARDANO HAD NFTs!!! I minted a CCVault Mesmerizer and grabbed a BlockOwl and never looked back.

From day 1, I always felt that projects would be stronger if they collaborated with others so I would always keep an eye open for different, interesting ways that projects could work together and ways that they could add irl value for their communities. None of those ideas actually came to fruition but I did make a number of connections that led to me being invited to help moderate for a couple of projects and to help out with social media promotion and collaborations for others.

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