Why Levvy

Central to the creation of Levvy is the recognition of the need to address existing limitations within the market.

With the understanding that conventional platforms primarily cater to larger and more established collections and tokens, Levvy was established to level the playing field and provide opportunities for all assets to thrive.

The driving force behind our lending protocol's inception is the belief in increased liquidity and flexibility of funds in the ecosystem can push us all forward.

Levvy's alignment with Cardano's principles positions it as a significant asset for the blockchain platform.

By enabling access to liquidity without necessitating the sale of NFTs or Tokens, our protocol fosters financial empowerment and responsible practices. This approach allows a diverse range of participants to actively engage in the thriving Cardano ecosystem without compromising ownership of their valuable assets.

For lenders, it provides additional opportunity to diversify where they hold their ADA. By facilitating borrowing against assets, it also supports entrepreneurship and innovative projects, contributing to sustainable value creation within the space.

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