🏆Project Goals

We intend to maximize our investment by taking up positions in Cardano's budding DeFi ecosystem. This market is still in its infancy and is primed for explosive growth over the next 5 years. ETH DAOs/Investment Clubs reached billions in value last cycle by securing their positions early. We intend to do the same. By securing strong positions in the best tokens and taking advantage of the most lucrative Yield Farms, we believe we will position ourselves to take advantage of every aspect of this growth over the next 5 years. During this time we will see 2 bitcoin halvings and the maturation of Cardano's DeFi ecosystem.

Over the next year, we will see the run up of a new bull market. As BTC and ADA begin gaining value, we expect to see a short term sell off of Cardano Native Tokens. We intend to use this to our advantage and acquire as many quality CNTs as possible. As the year progresses, we expect CNTs to explode to many dozens of times or their current value and ADA along with it. Acquiring large holdings and LP stakes in the best Yield Farms, will see us gain a significant portion of the trading fees and rewards related to those pools.

In addition, we have experienced traders who specialize in trading in traditional markets and they're ready to put our money to work for us. These traders routinely average 6% to14% returns every month. These people are masters of taking advantage of volatile markets, allowing them to make many more profitable trades over their losses. We see this as just another way to hedge our investment and make sure we're earning in multiple markets.

We plan to take advantage of this immediately and begin distributions from our trades/farms to $Angels Token holders within the first 30 days of establishing our positions.

To be eligible for distributions, you will be required to stake your $Angels Tokens. 80% of all profit taken on a monthly basis will be split amongst staked Tokens. The more tokens you have staked, the larger % of the profits you will receive.

The best part?

Your ADA stays right here in the ecosystem. We're not building any fancy games, we're not minting any NFTs, we're not starting a merch line and we're not buying crypto miners. Your ADA will always be right here, working hard for you.

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