🪙ADA Distribution

ADA Distribution:

10% Liquidity - We will provide a small but significant sum to provide liquidity on the open market. This will allow people to get in and out of their positions, after the ITO.

15% Team - Will be used by the team the build out the staking platform, cover costs, fees, staff, additional investing and acquire tools. We will also provide $Angels token Dex support until the first pay out. This will allow the project to acquire more of its own shares in the event that market support is needed.

10% ADA - ADA as a hedge. We expect ADA to perform exceptionally well in the coming bull market, after the Bitcoin Halving in April of 2024. As the USD value of these holdings increase, we will distribute the excess USD value as ADA to holders toward the end of 2024. This will be done in combination with our farming, lending and trading strategies, to help us return the initial invested value as fast as possible. This ADA will be staked and may be moved into different ISPO's. Everything earned from the project, will be distributed to staked holders. 5% Locked Stake Bonus - This will be a separately traded wallet specifically for those faithful enough to lock up their tokens for 6 months. This combined with other incentives will make the custodial staking option more attractive to many. Our goal is to maintain a healthy market for our $Angels token. This will work in combination with not having any air drops and not having vested team tokens to sell, relieving as much sell pressure as possible, for the Angel Finance community.

40% Trading/Yield Farming - We will purchase CNTs from quality projects, pair them with ADA and take advantage of Yield Farming opportunities. We expect quality CNTs and ADA to both appreciate in value considerably over the next 12 month, causing trading volume to spike. This will not only allow us to profit from the increased value of both tokens in the pair but take advantage of the substantial increase in fees generated from trading during the bull market. These ideal scenarios will help offset Impermanent Loss. All buys, sells, trades, profits and losses will be recorded and posted for transparency. 80% of all profits made will be distributed back to staked $Angels holders, monthly. The remaining 20% will go back into the treasury. In addition, we will use some of this ADA to make trades using Dex Hunters suite of tools, acquire large early positions in some big upcoming projects and DCA into better positions.

20% Traditional Market Trading - Once the initial $Angels sales value has been returned to holders, the distributions will change from 80/20 to 50% of profits being paid monthly and 50% being returned to the Angels Treasury.

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