🙏Heaven's Gates

The $Angels have come to Bless Cardano. To receive their Blessings, you must send them to pray for you. Sending your $Angels to pray at Heaven's Gates will allow them to bestow countless Blessings upon you in the form of ADA. 1. Sending your $Angels to pray outside Heaven's Gates. This is the non custodial staking option. Your $Angels will have the freedom to move around outside of the gates. Simply register your wallet so it can be tracked for $Angels staking rewards. 2. Sending your $Angels to pray inside Heaven's Gates. This is the locked staking option. Your $Angels will enter Heaven's Gates for 6 months, where they will stay steadfast and dedicated to praying for your Blessings. This is where the truly faithful will be rewarded. When we pay out ADA to staked holders every month, it will be split evenly amongst all staked $Angels. We'll then take 20% of the rewards from the non custodial stake and add it to the locked staked $Angels, as a bonus reward to the faithful. This will help incentivize more of the community to transition to the locked staking service, until the bonus rewards are small enough to achieve a natural balance. In addition, we've put aside 5% of the Angel Treasury to be invested separately for the those who set their $Angels to pray inside Heaven's Gates.

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